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USKAF is proud to present Korean culture and history to American audiences vis-à-vis the Korea Gallery. USKAF developed a tour program that began in October of 2010, and is offered two times each month. In addition to the Korea Gallery, visitors are guided through Ocean Hall and the Human Origin. More than 3,000 Korea Gallery visitors have already gone through the USKAF's tour program which is targeting the 100+ Korean schools in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C area and sponsored by the Korea Foundation.

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The Beauty of Korea 2010!

U.S.-Korea Arts Foundation successfully organized The Beauty of Korea 2010 in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May. This event introduced the unique craft of maedeup, traditional Korean ornamental knots. We had the pleasure of having Ms. Eunyoung Kim, who is appointed Intangible Cultural Assets of Seoul City No. 13, participate in our event. She is an expert ornamental knot maker who began studying the art of maedeup in 1966 under Ms. Hee Jin Kim, a maedeup craftswoman.

USKAF and KORUS House (Korean Information Service, Embassy of the Republic of Korea) organized the opening reception on April 30th at the KORUS House to celebrate the maedeup exhibition from April 30th to May 7th at the KORUS House and maedeup demonstrations to be held on May 1st, May 4th, and May 7th at different locations. We had the wonderful opportunity to share this stunning Korean craft with members of our community including Delegate Kaye Kory, General John Tilelli, Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, Dr. Paul Taylor, and Congressman Gerry Connolly.

We would like to give a special thanks to all those who have helped us make this event a success! This event would not have been possible without the support from KORUS House, Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Presidential Council on Nation Brands, International Monetary Fund, The Korea Times Washington, D.C., Yechon Restaurant, Young Won Trading Inc., and all of our edicated volunteers.



Historical Painting Donated to USKAF

On November 18th 2009, U.S.-Korea Arts Foundation (USKAF) received a beautiful and historic Korean painting from Korean art collector Dr. Chester Chang, who has a world-class collection of Korean artworks. He donated the painting to USKAF in hopes of sharing Korean culture with more foreigners. The painting titled Jeong Mong-ju Painting is from the 18th to early 20th century, and it was created by an anonymous court painter. It is a posthumous portrait of Jeong Mong-ju (1337-1392), a famed loyalist of the Koryo Dynasty who was assassinated in 1392 when he refused to serve the first King of the Yi Dynasty. Jeong Mong-ju is revered today in Korea for his strong loyalty to the Koryo Dynasty. The donated painting shows Jeong Mong-ju seated in a wooden chair between bamboo and pine trees. His hands are hidden under his sleeves beneath his silver belt. There is a brightly woven mat under his feet, and there is a large silver halo around his head. The entire painting is drawn in ink and colors with silver accents on silk.

USKAF is truly grateful for Dr. Chester Chang's generous donation. The painting helps the Foundation continue its mission to preserve Korean heritage in the U.S. for future generations. The dedication and support from generous donors, like Dr. Chester Chang, will help USKAF improve the understanding and representation of Korean heritage.



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