About Us

USKAF History

The US-Korea Arts Foundation was formed in August 2007. USKAF was created to be an ambassador in promoting and enhancing Korean culture and arts, and developing a friendly and positive image of Korea to the public.

We have planted seeds to promote Korean heritage through various activities, and it is now our job to help these seeds to sprout. We must continue to nourish these young sprouts to grow and bloom with good care so that Korean culture can be shared with everybody in the world.

USKAF Mission

US-Korea Arts Foundation (USKAF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. USKAF’s mission is to strengthen Korean heritage efforts; to support ongoing efforts to strengthen other programs and activities about Korean heritage; to introduce Korean culture and arts to America by working with communities; local, state and federal governments, museums, and international organizations; and to enhance the understanding of diverse cultures through mutual cooperation with other countries.


Due to the rapid growth of Korea’s economy and expansion of trade with the U.S. and the world, it is important to continue cultivating a positive relationship with one another. Korea’s relationship with the U.S. has especially grown to be very important. However, even though Korea has a history of immigration, educational exchanges, and trade with the United States,

There is still a very limited understanding of Korea and Korean culture in the United States.

An increased in understanding will aid the continuing development of friendly and productive relationships between Korea and the U.S. and with the rest of
the world.

Therefore, USKAF will develop and promote diverse programs which aim to introduce Korean culture and arts into American society and the world by

Providing opportunities for Korean-Americans to take pride in their own heritage.
Showing the world the excellence of Korean arts.

Improving the image of Korean culture so that it will be viewed in a positive manner with a heightened awareness of Korea’s potential.

Board Members

Mr. Brian O’Connor
Chairman of the Board
Former CIA

Mr. Anthony P. Jung
VP-Sr Financial Consultant
Charles Schwab & Co.

Dr. Keehwan Kwon
Assistant Professor,
J. Craig Venter Institute

Mrs. Kyong O’Connor
Vice President, OCI Consulting

Dr. Jangsuk Oh
Researcher, NIH


Advisory Board

Dr. Byung Woo Ahn
Professor, Hanshin University

Ms. Seon-Young Ahn
CPA, Freddie Mac

Mr. Paul Costantino
Probation Counselor
Juvenile Detention Center
in Fairfax County

Ms. Deborah S. Dalton
President, Korean Focus for Adoptive Families, DC Metro Area Chapter

Mr. Neil Hare
Global Vision Communications

Mr. NIn-Wook Ben-Hur
The Korea Society of Maryland

Mr. Jung Soo Kim
Dean, Chugye University

Mr. Rick Malmgren
Associate Professor,
Chair, Visual Arts & Humanities
Anne Arundel
Community College

Mr. Chris Mona
Associate Professor
Director of Cade Gallery
Anne Arundel
Community College

Ms. Janet Oleszek
Former Fairfax County
School Board

Mr. Yong Chin Pak
Senior Lecturer,
Iowa State University

Grand Master Jhoon Rhee
Commissioner, President's Advisory Commission
on Asian American and
Pacific Islanders

Congressman Toby Roth
Former Congressman
Roth Group

Ms. Jeong Won Seo
Doowon Technical College

Ambassador Dick Swett
Former Ambassador
Swett Associates

Mr. Suk Hee Yoo
Former President, The Korea Times, Washington, DC